Welcome to Assumption Hill

Where children are valued and known.

At Lebanon Catholic School traditions are alive and well with their roots planted deep in our history. Traditions help students practice and learn the importance of community, faith, leadership, and service. They celebrate important milestones and holidays, set examples for younger students, and pass the torch to the next generation.

Lebanon Catholic School offers our students a life-long gift of faith and academic excellence. We strive to share our love of learning with our students in a way that will instill in them the desire to achieve their goals and help them discover the fullness and beauty of God’s plan for their lives.

We are one of the great success stories in consolidated Catholic education.   What was once a small parochial school has become one PreK-12 campus committed to forming leaders in the Church and the community. We are proud of our rich history, strong tradition of excellence and innovative future. The main message at Lebanon Catholic is that students should challenge themselves appropriately in order to develop their God-given potential. Our mission of strengthening the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit captures what we are all about: forming well-rounded men and women dedicated to Christ.