Staff and Administration


Mrs. Deb Waters ’94
Mrs. Cynthia Williams ’72
Elementary Director
Mr. Joseph Shay ’98
Director of Discipline, Athletic Director

Office of Advancement and Enrollment

Mrs. Jennifer Leonard ’98
Community Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Milissa Woodward ’82
Enrollment Director

Office Staff

Mrs. Katie Carl
Administrative Assistant
Mrs.Cynthia Schnelly ’78
Account Manager
Mrs. Barbara Shay

Plant Facilities

Mr. Chris Fisher
Maintenance Coordinator
Mr. Ken Norman
Mr. Eric Meck ’82


Mr. Mike Blizzard
Cafeteria Supervisor


Mrs. Nancy Pelepko
Mrs. Rose Martel ’82
Library Aide


Mrs. Deb Light
School Nurse

Special Teachers

Mr. John Von Blauch ’92
Mrs. Patricia Hower ’70
Physical Education – Secondary
Mr. James Klepsky
Music, Band Director
Mr. Fred LaPointe
Computer – Secondary
Miss Laura Mechling
Elementary & Secondary Art
Mrs. Claire Schneider
Computer – Elementary

Secondary Faculty

Mr. Thomas Beazley
11th, 12th Social Studies, 12th Religion, AP US Government/Politics
Mrs. Sarah Brashear
8th English, 8th Literature, 9th English, 11th American Literature
HACC 101/102
Mrs. Stacy Emberger
6th Math, English, Language Arts, 7th Literature
Mrs. Dori Ludwig
8th, 9th Science, 6th Science, 7th Life Science, AP Environmental Science, Dual Credit Alvernia
Mrs. Vicki Mohl ’73
8th, 9th, 10th Social Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Crime & Criminology
Miss Patricia Nash ’90
Campus Minister, 9th, 10th Religion, 11th American Literature
Mrs. Elizabeth Shimko ’73
9th, 10th Algebra 1, Math, Stats, Trig., Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Ms. Lauren Shuyler ’03
Choral Director
6th, 7th, 8th Religion
Mrs. Tara Smoker
7th,8th Pre-Algebra, 9th,10th Geometry, 11th Algebra II
Mr. Greg Tremper
7th, 9th, 10th Science, Biology, Anatomy, Physics
Ms. Gail Vojtko
German 1,2,3,4, Latin, 7th English, 7th Literature

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Mary Andrews ’85
Mrs. Tracey Bender
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Jean Coleman ’81
Miss Kiely Chaklos
1st Grade
Mrs. Jenna Fields ’00
Elementary Physical Education/Pre-K Aide
Miss Jessica Goetze
Mrs. Carole Good
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Beth Hartman ’89
3rd Grade
Mrs. Kathleen Hatzfeld ’92
4th Grade
Mrs. Barbara Matters ’75
5th Grade
Mrs. Deborah Moyer
2nd Grade
Mrs. Renee Nelson
Mrs. Georgine Purcell
1st Grade


Ms. Amy McLaughlin
School Counselor (K-6) 
Mrs. Meghan Smith ’98
School Counselor (7-12)
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IU13 Support Staff

Mrs. Ethel Stabler
Speech Clinician
Mrs. Jane Forney
Reading Specialist