Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Lebanon Catholic School requires a minimum of 27 credits earned in grades 9-12 to receive a diploma. Lebanon Catholic Seniors must take 6 credits during their senior year and pass all 6 credits.

Subject Credits Course Required 
Religion 4.00
English 4.00 Literature Required
History 3.00 U.S. History Required
Math 3.00 Algebra I Required
Science 3.00 Biology Required
Arts/Humanities 2.00
PE/Health 1.00
Service Hours 1.00 (See Service Hours Guidelines)
Electives 6.00
Total Credit Hours 27.00

The above list is a compilation of the minimum requirements for graduation. It is extremely important that, as you enter junior and senior years, you consult our school counselor and college websites to see what specific requirements you may need to meet for acceptance or consideration.

Athletes: If you wish to pursue a collegiate career, please be aware that the following are approved courses accepted, among the 16 credits needed: English, Math, Natural/Physical Science and Social Science. Some Foreign Language, Philosophy and Non-Doctrinal Religion classes may also be approved as core courses. The NCAA Eligibility Center also requires a GPA of 2.00.

Academic students can move to the honors track if they attain an 88% percent in their English and History classes. At the beginning of the next school year, they can be reassigned. This process is determined by their final grade averages and their teachers’ approval.