Honor Roll Listing

Lebanon Catholic School HONORS criteria:
Principal’s Honors: 93% or higher in all subject areas
First Honors: 90% or higher in all subject areas
Second Honors: 85% or higher in all subject areas


The following secondary students have attained honor roll status for the 2nd Quarter at Lebanon Catholic School for the 2018-2019 academic school year.

Sixth Grade
Principal’s Honors: Anthony Bartal, Lilliana Sanchez, Arin Wharton-Mohammed
First Honors:  Nathan Marshall, Jozef Shkreli
Second Honors: Arturo Chavez-Ramirez, Zane Smoker, Ariana Wolfe

Seventh Grade
Principal’s Honors: John Rogoze
First Honors: Luke Shaffer
Second Honors: Daniel Velazquez

Eighth Grade
Principal’s Honors: Rocco Shkreli, Clayton Smoker
Second Honors:Alexandria Judd, Michael McCarthy, Maria Skulski


Ninth Grade
Principal’s Honors: Caitlyn Patton, Alexis Seifert, Peter Skulski
First Honors: Michelle Dorsey, Luke Fisher, Lukas Maurer, Sophia Williams
Second Honors: Madisyn Coover, Nolan Harner, Malcolm Jenkins, Kayla Luciotti, Chase Maguire

Tenth Grade
First Honors: Matthew Leedy, Maria Pastal, Dawson Shaffer
Second Honors:  Sophia Fitzgibbons, Mark Gates, Allison Lutz

Eleventh Grade
Principal’s Honors:  Lexi Ebersole
First Honors
: Samantha Hatzfeld

Twelfth Grade
Principal’s Honors: Abigail Weisman
First Honors: Madison Birli, Rachel McCarthy, Kelsy Powsang
Second Honors: Caroline Muller, Jaron Wharton-Mohammed