School Uniforms



As part of a tradition of pride in being part of a Catholic school community, Lebanon Catholic School students in grades 1st-12 follow a dress code for school day apparel. The dress code is meant to be respectful and modest while encouraging the best of students’ attitudes and behavior.

Families can purchase school uniforms at Flynn & O’Hara.

Elementary (grades 1-5)
Secondary (grades 6-12)

School Store:

Address: 869 Eisenhower Blvd, Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: (717) 939-5600


Parents please read the following:

  • All students are required to be in proper uniform upon entrance into the school building by the start of school each day.
  • All uniforms must be proper size, no over-sized clothing is allowed.
  • It is the family’s responsibility to provide all necessary items for a complete uniform.







During the school year, the Dress Code may be relaxed for special purposes and events.   Dress Down Days are announced during the course of the school year. Some are free dress days, while others serve as a fundraiser and students may be charged a small fee if they dress down.  Please check the handbook for a full overview regarding dress down days.

During these ‘dress down’ periods, the following criteria will apply:

  • No shorts, tank tops, patched or torn jeans or tight clothing may be worn.
  • No exposed midriffs are permitted.
  • No hats are to be worn unless permitted by the principal for special themed events.
  • No backless shoes are permitted.
  • Tee shirts and other clothing must be in good taste, no extremes of any sort, and generally reflective of the values of Lebanon Catholic.

The school store kiosk a.k.a. “Neub’s Nook” will carry a selection of spirit wear that is approved as part of dress down attire. Purchases can be made by visiting the advancement office during normal business hours.