Mark 10:14 Adopt a Student Scholarship

Helping a child achieve academic success in a Catholic school is now easier than ever. We offer various giving options that fit your comfort level which will provide deserving students with scholarship for tuition at Lebanon Catholic School.


With minimal overhead, Adopt-A-Student gifts, dollar-for-dollar, have a greater direct impact on a young life than most any scholarship program today. This scholarship program is not charity, but a chance.

Instilling the values of hard work, respect, and reaching their full potential is part of our Catholic mission. Each Adopt-A-Student scholar must adhere to their school’s code of conduct, become involved in an extracurricular activity such as a club, student government, music or athletics. Any “adopted” child or family will be required to be involved in their parish and perform 40 hours of service to Lebanon Catholic or their parish. In addition, each family must pay a portion of the tuition fee — creating a true partnership and investment by all.


From the first day of class, faculty and staff invest in the lives of students. Through biblical truth, academic rigor and leadership development, the purpose remains the same: to help students find God’s direction for their lives and careers.